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How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

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Common types of air-conditioning in Singapore

In Singapore, with the tropical weather of an average of 30 degrees Celsius, it is very common to find air conditioning in most place from home to shopping malls and various office.

It is an interesting fact to know that air conditioning comes in various types of choices to cater to the right environment to supplement the cool air needed in these places.

Base on our understanding, below will be a list of information we can gathered

Window Unit

Window / Casement Air Conditioner
A window / casement air conditioner unit, is designed to cool a single room which can be a good and easy to install option. It is usually installed when it is not possible or practical to have a central air conditioning.

It requires a opening to an outdoor space to ventilate the hot air which will not be suitable if your room has no windows or opening.

It is the cheapest form of air conditioning to be found in the market.

Wall Mount Unit

Wall Mount Air Conditioner
Wall mounted air conditioning units are placed at a high-level on a wall. It is ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops. Wall mount air conditioning unit works by ventilating your area with cool air via a central compressor. The compressors are usually found on on the aircon ledge or in older homes, suspended outdoors with a bracket.

It is the most commonly found air conditioning unit in most homes today.

Portable Unit

Portable Air Conditioner
Portable air conditioner, like it’s name, is the easiest air conditioning option. With minimum setup works, you can start running your portable air conditioning unit without much professional help. It is highly recommended for areas of temporally usage.

Although it is easiest air conditioning option, many of the feed backs that we are receiving are usually the lack of power to cool the required area. It is not recommended if you are intending to use the space for a couple of years.

Once you decide on the right type of air conditioning unit, do check out our guide on tips to keep your aircon running longer.

Is aircon servicing important ?

As the weather is becoming warmer, it is evitable that many of us would choose our air-conditioning more often. Aircon is a necessity for many households in Singapore and if you use your aircon often. It is recommended that you upkeep and maintain your air-conditioning to ensure optimal performance while ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

How often do you use your air-conditioning?

As with all equipment, the higher the usage, the more often maintenance is required. Below is the rough time frame of usage for your reference.

Regular Usage

If you use daily on an average of 6-8 hours daily, you will require to service your aircon on a more regular.

With higher usage, dust & dirt starts to accumulate and over time may decrease the efficiency of your air-conditioning.

For daily usage, we recommend general aircon servicing to be done on your aircon once every 3 months

Occasional Usage

For homeowners that use their aircon less often, you may choose to service your aircon on a longer interval.

For such cases, we recommend chemical aircon servicing once every 2 years to ensure the longevity of the aircon

How can you do your own aircon servicing & maintenance?

For homeowners who are more hands-on and willing to clean their air-conditioning, below are some information which you can use to clean your own aircon.

The process below will guide you on how you can do basic maintenance on your aircon. These steps can be done by understanding how you can access your fan coil which can be easily be done by lifting the cover on your aircon.

Various air-conditioning models may vary and it is recommended that you do a video search on youtube to understand the method to avoid damaging your air-conditioning.

Steps 1:

Gently lift the cover of your aircon and remove the filters

Step 2:

Thoroughly wash your filters with water and dry it before putting the filters back into your aircon

Step 3:

Check for any large particles of dirt that are visible on the fan coil and gently use a vacuum to remove it. Do not use excessive force which may damage the fan coil

Step 4:

Place the removed filters(make sure they are dry) back into their original position and close the lit of your aircon

Top 3 reasons why is aircon servicing important?

Aircon servicing is necessary as it ensures

1) The longevity of your aircon.

2) Clean aircon ensures that your aircon is operating at its optimal level which in turn helps reduce your utility bill.

3) Cleaner air circulation which is important if you have family members with a sensitive nose

As the cost of air-conditioning rises, it is definitely cheaper to do aircon maintenance than to purchase a new aircon. On top of that, by keeping your aircon clean, you save on your electrical bills while ensuring that the air that is produced is cleaner for you & your family.

If having to maintain your aircon is a chore, why not hire an aircon servicing expert to help you?

What you should consider before buying an Air-conditioning

In Singapore, close to the Equator, temperatures regularly rise above 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit). As Singapore gets warmer, air-conditioning and refrigeration are in greater need than ever before. For homeowners to buying or replacing their home air-conditioning, there will things that you need to consider before making the hefty purchase.

In this article, we will help you list on the things that you need to consider, weight the importance and decide which is the air-conditioning that suits your needs best.

1) Different Types Air-Conditioning

There are mainly 2 types of air-conditioning to consider when deciding on a purchase. By understanding the various options, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Casement Air-Conditioning

A window / casement air conditioner unit is designed to cool a single room which can be a good and easy to install option. It is usually installed when it is not possible or practical to have a central air conditioning.

It requires an opening to an outdoor space to ventilate the hot air which will not be suitable if your room has no windows or opening.
It is one of the cheapest air-conditioning that you find in the market.

Wall Mount Air-Conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning units, like its name suggest, are placed high on the wall. By placing the air-conditioning above floor level helps cool the area faster as hot air rises & cold air sinks.

Wall mount aircon is ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops as it operates via a central compressor which means you can operate your air-conditioning in multiple rooms with only 1 compressor.

The compressors are usually found on the aircon ledge or in older homes, suspended outdoors with a bracket. Wall mount air-conditioning is the most popular aircon for most home owners.

2) BTU (British Thermal Unit) Required

When choosing your new air-conditioning, you will need to understand the required “btu” to cool your desired area. The larger the btu, the more power it will require to run the unit.

If you choose a smaller btu aircon unit for a larger space, your air-conditioning will need to work double hard to cool your desired area which will not be cost efficient.

Below is a table for the estimated btu required to cool the desired space. The requirement may vary depending on the objects & obstructions in the space that deters the flow of air.

Should you buy a new aircon or repair your existing unit? – 5 Step Guide

Many of us in Singapore tend to our aircon often daily. As with all electronics, with higher usage comes wear & tear over time. Today, we will discuss if buying a new aircon unit is more worthy when compared to repairing of existing unit.

1) Understand the Energy Labelling

If you do a quick search on google of your existing aircon, you should be finding the energy label that came with unit. By looking at the energy label, you can tell how much you are able to save on a annual basis.

Factoring in that parts do wear & tear over time, the efficiency level tends to drop slightly which may reflect on your electrical bills.
If your existing unit only comes with 1-2 ticks on the energy labelling, we recommend changing the unit to a newer and more energy efficient aircon.

This new aircon not only comes with higher saving on your electrical bill but a warranty that covers you 2 year of parts & labor with at 5 years on the compressor.

This makes it a smart choice as most repairs only covers up to 3 months maximum depending on the parts replaced which can be costly thereafter if the aircon were to break down again.

2) Aircon Age

As with more things, there is limit to the lifespan of a product. Overtime, even with maintenance, the product performance will not optimal when compared to a new unit. In such cases, we recommend considering replacing to a new unit.

With advancement in technology, air-conditioning these days are way more efficient when compared to a unit 10 years ago which reflects massive saving on your electrical bill over time.

3) Maintenance History

By understanding the maintenance history, you can better decide if changing to a new air-conditioning is a better option. Have you experience aircon water leaking? Noisy & rattling sound from your aircon?

If the answer is yes, it is best to change to a new air-conditioning. Base on our experience, when the condition of the aircon is not optimal and repairs are done, you may face another repair shortly which may cost even more when compared to buying a new aircon.

4) Cost of repair

Before deciding to go ahead with a repair, check with your aircon contractor what is the price of installing a new unit. We have cases where homeowner chooses to spend 600-700 dollars to repair the electrical board of the aircon when on actual fact, it may be even more cost efficient to buy a air-conditioning unit from a less popular brand which comes with 2 years parts & labor warranty depending on the specific brand.

5) Trusted Aircon Partner

Choosing a trusted and transparent aircon servicing partner is important. When repairs are needed, your aircon contractor should list all possible options for you to choose. Only with all the options and professional advice, you, as a homeowner can make a best solution that fits your needs.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Aircon Contractor Over DIY – 4 Considerations

With so many video on Youtube on how to do it yourself for your aircon servicing and repair, it may come as no surprise that many of us would consider trying to have a go with it and save some money.

Like all things, the when you hire a professional, you are assured that your aircon is in the good hands of an trained professional.

Below will be some of the reason we discourage homeowners to DIY.

1) Proper tools

As a professional aircon contractor, they are equipped with all the right tools to work on your air-conditioning unit. We have seen cases where homeowner tries to manually dismantle the aircon fins only to break the joints leaving them a in a hefty repair bill.

These tools can vary from a screwdriver to plastic plyers that if use improperly can damage the aircon.

2) Experience

As with all jobs, experience plays an important role when it comes to electrical repair & service. An experienced aircon contractor will take their time to diagnose the aircon problem, provide you with a range of solutions & different cost for you to decide which is the best solution that fits your budget before working on the problem.

As a homeowner, you may have just watched the video and think that you found a solution to your aircon problem on Youtube. You went ahead to purchase the tools required to fix the problem only to realise that you have not diagnose the problem accurately which incurs more cost should you hire a aircon contractor thereafter.

3) Service Warranty

When you hire a professional aircon contractor and they start working on your aircon unit, they will provide you with a period of service warranty. This is important as during the period after they service and if your aircon unit breaks down, they will only charge you on parts replacement cost and not on labor.

As a homeowner, when you service your own aircon, you might have damage the aircon unit without noticing it which may lead to even more unnecessary repairs.

4) Time Consuming & Labor Intensive

Knowing how to service the aircon is a skillset but to service & repair your aircon is labor intensive. With the amount of time saved by hiring a professional aircon contractor, the time save can be used to earn even more money instead of putting yourself in difficult and troublesome position where you may even damage the aircon which you even knowing which can be even more problematic.


By understanding the above and weighting the pros and cons, you as a homeowner can decide if doing it yourself is worth the hassle.

If you have done before and know how to service your own aircon, it can definitely save you some money which in the long run and on top of it, you know your own aircon maintenance history which will definitely be more beneficial when making repair decisions.