Is aircon servicing important ?

As the weather is becoming warmer, it is evitable that many of us would choose our air-conditioning more often. Aircon is a necessity for many households in Singapore and if you use your aircon often. It is recommended that you upkeep and maintain your air-conditioning to ensure optimal performance while ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

How often do you use your air-conditioning?

As with all equipment, the higher the usage, the more often maintenance is required. Below is the rough time frame of usage for your reference.

Regular Usage

If you use daily on an average of 6-8 hours daily, you will require to service your aircon on a more regular.

With higher usage, dust & dirt starts to accumulate and over time may decrease the efficiency of your air-conditioning.

For daily usage, we recommend general aircon servicing to be done on your aircon once every 3 months

Occasional Usage

For homeowners that use their aircon less often, you may choose to service your aircon on a longer interval.

For such cases, we recommend chemical aircon servicing once every 2 years to ensure the longevity of the aircon

How can you do your own aircon servicing & maintenance?

For homeowners who are more hands-on and willing to clean their air-conditioning, below are some information which you can use to clean your own aircon.

The process below will guide you on how you can do basic maintenance on your aircon. These steps can be done by understanding how you can access your fan coil which can be easily be done by lifting the cover on your aircon.

Various air-conditioning models may vary and it is recommended that you do a video search on youtube to understand the method to avoid damaging your air-conditioning.

Steps 1:

Gently lift the cover of your aircon and remove the filters

Step 2:

Thoroughly wash your filters with water and dry it before putting the filters back into your aircon

Step 3:

Check for any large particles of dirt that are visible on the fan coil and gently use a vacuum to remove it. Do not use excessive force which may damage the fan coil

Step 4:

Place the removed filters(make sure they are dry) back into their original position and close the lit of your aircon

Top 3 reasons why is aircon servicing important?

Aircon servicing is necessary as it ensures

1) The longevity of your aircon.

2) Clean aircon ensures that your aircon is operating at its optimal level which in turn helps reduce your utility bill.

3) Cleaner air circulation which is important if you have family members with a sensitive nose

As the cost of air-conditioning rises, it is definitely cheaper to do aircon maintenance than to purchase a new aircon. On top of that, by keeping your aircon clean, you save on your electrical bills while ensuring that the air that is produced is cleaner for you & your family.

If having to maintain your aircon is a chore, why not hire an aircon servicing expert to help you?