Aircon Not Cold – What Can You Do ?

Are you experiencing no cold air blowing from your aircon? Having on the Air-conditioning for the past 10 minutes but only feel the fan running but no cold air? In Singapore, with the weather constantly hovering around 30 Degrees Celsius, it can be unbearable for many of us especially during the night when we try to sleep.

With prolong usage of the aircon both at home and in office, dust & dirt will accumulate in your air-conditioning system over time.

When dust & dirt accumulates, you will experience the need to constantly lower the temperature just to experience the coolness in your aircon system which indirectly, increases electricity consumption and makes your aircon work harder.

Let dive into the possible problems and how you can identity and have them fixed.

1) Clogged Aircon Filter

If you have not service your aircon for a longest possible time, it is best that you check your aircon filter which is located just under the aircon cover. As the air circulates through the aircon, dust & dirt are trapped on your aircon filter which builds up the clog. When the filters are clogged and air circulation is disrupted, your evaporate coil may freeze which leads to no cold air being produced

2) Clogged Aircon Compressor

As with most household in Singapore, the aircon compressor is usually found on the aircon ledge or hanging on the outside of your home. Over time, having to withstand the rain & shine, dust & debris may accumulate on your aircon compressor making it clogged and malfunction thus no cold air is produced.

3) Loose Aircon Pipe

A loose aircon pipe may be cause to your aircon not cold. When aircon pipes are loose, the aircon refrigerant may leak. When this occurs, get a trained aircon contractor to inspect and check on the possible areas.

4) Faulty Thermostat

The Thermostat of an air-conditioning controls how much cold air is produced. When the temperature of the rooms reaches the desired coolness, the compressor will come to a stop helping you save on your electrical bills.

When your thermostat is faulty, above mention will not be able to function thus no cool air is produced.

Things you can do when your aircon is not cold?

1) Check Controls

Check your aircon remote to ensure that your remote is set of aircon mode. In some cases, homeowners may have accidentally pressed the remote without realising and the aircon goes into fan only mode.

2) Inspect Aircon Filters

As a end user, the best thing you can do is to do a manual check on your aircon filters. By lifting the aircon cover, you will be able to see the aircon filters. If dust & dirt is visible, have them cleaned.

3) Check Fan Coil

Once you have removed the filters of aircon, you will be able to see the fan coil of your aircon. If your fan coil is cold but no cold air is produced, your evaporate coil has freeze and you may start seeing water drip.

4) Clean aircon Drainpipe

With a wet & dry vacuum, head over to the end of your aircon drainpipe which is usually located in the toilet. Using your wet & dry vacuum, place the opening of your vacuum to the opening of your pipe and remove any dirt that may be trap in the pipes.