Importance of Regular Aircon Servicing

Many of us are using our air-conditioning daily due to the warm & humid weather in Singapore. With extended period of usage, dust & dirt accumulates on to your system and when that happens, you may experience problems with your air-conditioning such as the need to constantly lower the temperature just to experience the coldness, noisy aircon, condensation & leaking, etc.

To avoid any of the problems and extend the lifespan of your aircon, the best advice we have for you is to service your aircon regularly.
Aircon servicing is for one helps:

1) The longevity of your aircon.
2) Clean aircon ensures that your aircon is operating at its optimal level which in turn helps reduce your utilities bill.
3) Preventive maintenance to avoid your aircon from sudden break down
3) Cleaner air circulation which is important if you have family members with sensitive nose

As the cost of air-conditioning rises, it is cheaper to do aircon maintenance & servicing than to purchase a new aircon. You can read more of the importance of aircon servicing here

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash is the process of using chemicals to wash your aircon. This process does not involve dismantling the wall mount aircon unit.

Our team of aircon servicing experts will place a water tray with plastic wrappers, which protect your wall & furniture, below your aircon, and spray aircon cleaning chemicals to flush out any dust & dirt trap on the fan coil which will drip & flow onto the water tray.

Why use Aircon Chemical Wash

1) Customers often choose chemical wash over chemical overhaul because the time involve in cleaning is shorter and the process is less messy.
2) Price of aircon chemical washing is cheaper when compared to aircon chemical overhaul.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul is the process of dismantling the entire to thoroughly flush it with chemicals to ensure any trap dust & dirt within the aircon system. These parts include an aircon cover, fan coil, and aircon water tray.

On top of that, our team of aircon servicing experts will flush your aircon drainage pipes making sure that your entire aircon unit is clean from dust & dirt.

It is advisable to use aircon chemical overhaul servicing on your aircon unit on an annual basis to ensure that your system is thoroughly cleaned.

Why use Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

1) Extensive and thorough cleaning with the entire wall mounted aircon being dismantled
2) Cleaner when compared to aircon chemical wash.


As a professional aircon servicing expert, we would recommend using aircon chemical overhaul whenever possible as the process is of aircon chemical overhaul will ensure that your entire aircon system is thoroughly cleaned when compared to aircon chemical wash.