Why You Should Hire A Professional Aircon Contractor Over DIY – 4 Considerations

With so many video on Youtube on how to do it yourself for your aircon servicing and repair, it may come as no surprise that many of us would consider trying to have a go with it and save some money.

Like all things, the when you hire a professional, you are assured that your aircon is in the good hands of an trained professional.

Below will be some of the reason we discourage homeowners to DIY.

1) Proper tools

As a professional aircon contractor, they are equipped with all the right tools to work on your air-conditioning unit. We have seen cases where homeowner tries to manually dismantle the aircon fins only to break the joints leaving them a in a hefty repair bill.

These tools can vary from a screwdriver to plastic plyers that if use improperly can damage the aircon.

2) Experience

As with all jobs, experience plays an important role when it comes to electrical repair & service. An experienced aircon contractor will take their time to diagnose the aircon problem, provide you with a range of solutions & different cost for you to decide which is the best solution that fits your budget before working on the problem.

As a homeowner, you may have just watched the video and think that you found a solution to your aircon problem on Youtube. You went ahead to purchase the tools required to fix the problem only to realise that you have not diagnose the problem accurately which incurs more cost should you hire a aircon contractor thereafter.

3) Service Warranty

When you hire a professional aircon contractor and they start working on your aircon unit, they will provide you with a period of service warranty. This is important as during the period after they service and if your aircon unit breaks down, they will only charge you on parts replacement cost and not on labor.

As a homeowner, when you service your own aircon, you might have damage the aircon unit without noticing it which may lead to even more unnecessary repairs.

4) Time Consuming & Labor Intensive

Knowing how to service the aircon is a skillset but to service & repair your aircon is labor intensive. With the amount of time saved by hiring a professional aircon contractor, the time save can be used to earn even more money instead of putting yourself in difficult and troublesome position where you may even damage the aircon which you even knowing which can be even more problematic.


By understanding the above and weighting the pros and cons, you as a homeowner can decide if doing it yourself is worth the hassle.

If you have done before and know how to service your own aircon, it can definitely save you some money which in the long run and on top of it, you know your own aircon maintenance history which will definitely be more beneficial when making repair decisions.