What you should consider before buying an Air-conditioning

In Singapore, close to the Equator, temperatures regularly rise above 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit). As Singapore gets warmer, air-conditioning and refrigeration are in greater need than ever before. For homeowners to buying or replacing their home air-conditioning, there will things that you need to consider before making the hefty purchase.

In this article, we will help you list on the things that you need to consider, weight the importance and decide which is the air-conditioning that suits your needs best.

1) Different Types Air-Conditioning

There are mainly 2 types of air-conditioning to consider when deciding on a purchase. By understanding the various options, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Casement Air-Conditioning

A window / casement air conditioner unit is designed to cool a single room which can be a good and easy to install option. It is usually installed when it is not possible or practical to have a central air conditioning.

It requires an opening to an outdoor space to ventilate the hot air which will not be suitable if your room has no windows or opening.
It is one of the cheapest air-conditioning that you find in the market.

Wall Mount Air-Conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning units, like its name suggest, are placed high on the wall. By placing the air-conditioning above floor level helps cool the area faster as hot air rises & cold air sinks.

Wall mount aircon is ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops as it operates via a central compressor which means you can operate your air-conditioning in multiple rooms with only 1 compressor.

The compressors are usually found on the aircon ledge or in older homes, suspended outdoors with a bracket. Wall mount air-conditioning is the most popular aircon for most home owners.

2) BTU (British Thermal Unit) Required

When choosing your new air-conditioning, you will need to understand the required “btu” to cool your desired area. The larger the btu, the more power it will require to run the unit.

If you choose a smaller btu aircon unit for a larger space, your air-conditioning will need to work double hard to cool your desired area which will not be cost efficient.

Below is a table for the estimated btu required to cool the desired space. The requirement may vary depending on the objects & obstructions in the space that deters the flow of air.