Common types of air-conditioning in Singapore

In Singapore, with the tropical weather of an average of 30 degrees Celsius, it is very common to find air conditioning in most place from home to shopping malls and various office.

It is an interesting fact to know that air conditioning comes in various types of choices to cater to the right environment to supplement the cool air needed in these places.

Base on our understanding, below will be a list of information we can gathered

Window Unit

Window / Casement Air Conditioner
A window / casement air conditioner unit, is designed to cool a single room which can be a good and easy to install option. It is usually installed when it is not possible or practical to have a central air conditioning.

It requires a opening to an outdoor space to ventilate the hot air which will not be suitable if your room has no windows or opening.

It is the cheapest form of air conditioning to be found in the market.

Wall Mount Unit

Wall Mount Air Conditioner
Wall mounted air conditioning units are placed at a high-level on a wall. It is ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms and shops. Wall mount air conditioning unit works by ventilating your area with cool air via a central compressor. The compressors are usually found on on the aircon ledge or in older homes, suspended outdoors with a bracket.

It is the most commonly found air conditioning unit in most homes today.

Portable Unit

Portable Air Conditioner
Portable air conditioner, like it’s name, is the easiest air conditioning option. With minimum setup works, you can start running your portable air conditioning unit without much professional help. It is highly recommended for areas of temporally usage.

Although it is easiest air conditioning option, many of the feed backs that we are receiving are usually the lack of power to cool the required area. It is not recommended if you are intending to use the space for a couple of years.

Once you decide on the right type of air conditioning unit, do check out our guide on tips to keep your aircon running longer.