How to set your aircon remote to get maximum saving ?

The aircon setting on your aircon remote can be confusing and to many, a challenge. Offen, we get asked by our clients if there is a way that we could set the aircon to run it at its most optimal level while at the same time, not incurring big electricity bills.

Lets dive deeper into the various settings on your aircon remote

Aircon Fan Speed

Aircon Fan Speed is one of the most commonly used functions on your aircon remote. Like its name, it is used to control the fan speed of your wall-mounted aircon unit.

Many of the home owners we meet tend to set the fan speed to ranges of 1-2 bar as it produces the coolest air. This is true but at the same time, it makes your aircon work harder to cool your room which leads to more energy consumption and high electricity bills

At the same time, due to the cooler air, more condensation is formed within your aircon which causes aircon water leak after prolonged usage.

Aircon Fan Speed Recommendation

With that said, we recommend constantly setting your fan speed range to between 3-4 bars to get the maximum savings.

Aircon Temperature

Aircon Temperature is one of the next commonly used functions on your aircon remote. This function controls the temperature of your aircon. Many of the homeowners we met tend to adjust to temperatures of 20 and below which makes the room coolest.

The Thermostat in your aircon, when set to below 20-degree celsius, instructs your aircon to cool your room to your desired temperature, and should the temperature increase, your aircon will run to cool your room again which explains the fan on/off throughout the night.

While temperatures below 20-degree celsius can be the most comfortable, it also consumes the most energy which leads to a high electricity bill. Your aircon will need to work double hard to constantly keep the temperature of your aircon at such levels.

Aircon Temperature Recommendation

For your aircon temperature, we recommend setting your aircon temperature of the range above 23 degrees celsius as it reduces the energy consumption while at the same time, cooling your room to a comfortable level .

Dry Mode

Aircon dry mode is the most underrated function on your aircon remote. The function of the dry mode is to remove moisture from your space which acts as a humidifier.

In a country like Singapore, where humidity levels can increase in certain months, this function can be used instead of the cool function to reduce the temperature in your room.

By using the dry mode, it reduces the workload on your aircon which helps reduce energy consumption which in turn, leads to the lowering of your electricity bills.

All in all, we recommend taking time to understand the various functions of your aircon remote to help you maximise your saving and keep your aircon running at its optimal level longer.