Should you buy a new aircon or repair your existing unit? – 5 Step Guide

Many of us in Singapore tend to our aircon often daily. As with all electronics, with higher usage comes wear & tear over time. Today, we will discuss if buying a new aircon unit is more worthy when compared to repairing of existing unit.

1) Understand the Energy Labelling

If you do a quick search on google of your existing aircon, you should be finding the energy label that came with unit. By looking at the energy label, you can tell how much you are able to save on a annual basis.

Factoring in that parts do wear & tear over time, the efficiency level tends to drop slightly which may reflect on your electrical bills.
If your existing unit only comes with 1-2 ticks on the energy labelling, we recommend changing the unit to a newer and more energy efficient aircon.

This new aircon not only comes with higher saving on your electrical bill but a warranty that covers you 2 year of parts & labor with at 5 years on the compressor.

This makes it a smart choice as most repairs only covers up to 3 months maximum depending on the parts replaced which can be costly thereafter if the aircon were to break down again.

2) Aircon Age

As with more things, there is limit to the lifespan of a product. Overtime, even with maintenance, the product performance will not optimal when compared to a new unit. In such cases, we recommend considering replacing to a new unit.

With advancement in technology, air-conditioning these days are way more efficient when compared to a unit 10 years ago which reflects massive saving on your electrical bill over time.

3) Maintenance History

By understanding the maintenance history, you can better decide if changing to a new air-conditioning is a better option. Have you experience aircon water leaking? Noisy & rattling sound from your aircon?

If the answer is yes, it is best to change to a new air-conditioning. Base on our experience, when the condition of the aircon is not optimal and repairs are done, you may face another repair shortly which may cost even more when compared to buying a new aircon.

4) Cost of repair

Before deciding to go ahead with a repair, check with your aircon contractor what is the price of installing a new unit. We have cases where homeowner chooses to spend 600-700 dollars to repair the electrical board of the aircon when on actual fact, it may be even more cost efficient to buy a air-conditioning unit from a less popular brand which comes with 2 years parts & labor warranty depending on the specific brand.

5) Trusted Aircon Partner

Choosing a trusted and transparent aircon servicing partner is important. When repairs are needed, your aircon contractor should list all possible options for you to choose. Only with all the options and professional advice, you, as a homeowner can make a best solution that fits your needs.